George Clooney barhops in Vancouver

Vancouver barhoppers got more than they bargained for on Saturday night, after Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney was spotted at several of the city’s hottest bars and restaurants.

The actor recently jetted to B.C. to begin work on Disney’s “Tomorrowland,” a secretive sci-fi production that also counts Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson among its cast. Clooney wasted no time in getting to know the place, visiting several of the city’s biggest hot spots over the weekend.

It started on Friday when Susan (@Hamhuishipcheck) spotted the silver fox at a Joey’s Restaurant in downtown.

“OMG GEORGE CLOONEY IS AT MY BAR HOLY S--- LOL,” she tweeted. She later uploaded a photo of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor enjoying a drink at the bar.

Susan wasn’t the only starstruck West Coaster to get a glimpse of Gorgeous George over the weekend. He was also snapped on Saturday, posing with a trio of girls outside Minami Restaurant in the city's trendy Yaletown district.

Meanwhile, another lucky lady went one further by stealing a smooch from the 52-year-old star. It's safe to say that plenty of single ladies across Canada are now seriously considering a move to the West Coast.

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