Jay Baruchel named ‘honorary captain’ of the Montreal Canadiens

Ten years of being an avid Montreal Canadiens fan has finally paid off for Jay Baruchel -- the "Goon" star is now in charge of his favourite hockey team. At least in name, anyway.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Habs team owner Geoff Molson and retired team member Chris Nilan named Baruchel "honorary captain" of the Habs at the Just for Laughs gala in Montreal. The 31-year-old Montreal native reportedly received the honour in person by Nilan and via video by Molson.

"What an incredible experience," Baruchel tweeted of the event, which took place at the Place des Arts on Thursday night.

Baruchel, who shared the stage alongside the likes of comedians Amy Schumer and Elon Gold, has made no bones about how fanatically he follows the Habs. He even took the Just for Laughs stage in a Montreal Canadiens Jersey with a Quebec flag over his shoulders.

"In the past decade, I think I've probably only missed a small, like one-tenth maybe, of all the Habs games that have happened," he said last year.

This is not the first time the "Popular Mechanics for Kids" alum has been honoured for his love of the game. Just last month, Baruchel received Telefilm's Golden Box Office prize at the Hockey Hall of Fame for his hockey comedy, "Goon," which he co-wrote. The film centres on a bouncer (Seann William Scott) who becomes a minor league enforcer.

And it doesn't look like the actor's obsession is slowing down any time soon. Baruchel recently told the Canadian Press he is "furiously typing away" at the sequel to "Goon."

"If all goes according to plan, we'll be shooting this time next year," he said.

Game on!

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