Jenna Talackova may get her own reality TV show


Reality TV may soon have a new reigning queen, and it could be the Vancouver beauty queen that raised eyebrows and grabbed headlines in 2012: transgendered Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova.

In a recent interview with The Vancouver Sun, 24-year-old Talackova revealed she is still negotiating with networks, but that she is currently developing a reality show that follows her in public appearances around the world, from a carnival float in Rio de Janeiro, to judging the Miss Globe International pageant in Los Angeles, to South Korea to meet pop superstar Harisu.

“It’s just going to be an in-depth look at how my life is. People are very interested in me,” she told the newspaper, a statement that is undeniable after the year she's had.

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Talackova became a media fixation in 2012 when she challenged the Miss Universe pageant to change their rules that required competitors to be "naturally born" women. Talackova was originally disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada 2012 competition because of her status as a transsexual, but the decision caused a major controversy. However, Talackova who didn't shy away from the media attention. In early April, she won her case and was allowed to compete in the pageant. Though she lost to fellow Vancouverite Sahar Biniaz, Talackova was named one of four winners of the Miss Congeniality title and won an even bigger battle: The Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump officially opened its regulations to include transsexual women shortly after Talackova was victorious in her case.

Talackova was such a household name in 2012 that she was voted one of the buzziest Canadians this year, and has become an international spokesperson for GLBT rights. She was co-grand marshal of the 2012 Vancouver Pride Parade this summer, has spoken at schools, first nations communities, and women's groups, and is now turning her focus toward changing the World Health Organization's definition of transsexualism as a mental disorder, the Vancouver Sun reports.

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Between her engagements as a new role model for the transgender community around the world, it's incredible to think Talackova can fit a reality show in along with her exercise regime and romantic life. But it seems like this beauty queen is most comfortable when under the spotlight, especially if she can use her newfound fame for a good cause.

“I want to set an example on my show. But obviously you have to be somewhat of a Snooki as well," she told the Vancouver Sun.

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