Justin Bieber allegedly mocks North Carolina radio host; she puts his Gatorade bottle on sale

North StarsJanuary 24, 2013

Days after pranking the paps by flashing his bare behind, Justin Bieber has been accused of toying with someone else.

On Tuesday, local radio host Colette Harrington Schwoeri took to her Facebook page and claimed the 18-year-old "Believe" singer mocked her earlier in the day during her workout at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel gym in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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"I lay low waiting for a chance to introduce myself and get a photo with him. "Hi I am Colette Harrington I host the Sweet Carolina radio show,"'she wrote. "He said, "good for you." I asked, "would be okay if I got a picture?" and he told me "no.""

Apparently, she then proceeded to count her reps out loud and was "stunned" by the Ontario native's response.

"Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say "Shut the F--- up,"" she wrote.

Though she lowered her voice, Harrington said they continued to make fun of her.

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"Then they start talking about spitting in people's drinks and that tonight at their concert yell, "remember when you drank my spit,"" she wrote. "Justin guzzled his blue gatorade and spits in it."

After having had enough, Harrington left. Unfortunately, when she returned to the Bieber-less room she failed to look at what she was drinking and allegedly took a swig from the blue Gatorade bottle he left behind, which she proceeded to spit out while "thinking about his disgusting spit."

"Ty Justin-I am putting your bottle and spit up on E BAY. Hopefully it will raise enough money to re build the kitchen at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Charleston. I go there to cook for the families of sick children," she wrote. "If there is any money left over I will use it to help make a Christian movie I wrote, Like Perfume Poured Out. www.likeperfumepouredout.com I understand you have a Bieber perfume but trust me-there is not enough of it in the world to cover up the smell of a skunk. You stink!"

Though the DJ allegedly filed a complaint with the hotel, Bieber's reps told TMZ he and his trainer were joking around, but with each other, not her. The pop star was in North Carolina for a concert and also took in a meeting with Michael Jordan, who happens to be the chairman of local basketball team, the Charlotte Bobcats.

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"great show charlotte. thank u," the Bieb tweeted on Tuesday. "feeling like a got a really bad cold but thanks for holding me down."

Harrington is set to discuss the gym incident on her radio show, which can be heard on www.kinetichifi.com, this afternoon at 4:30 p.m.