Justin Bieber begins concert more than two hours late (again)

Carly Maga
North Stars

Hey, Justin Bieber: we understand it might not go with your harem pants, or those giant metal wings we’ve seen from your show, or maybe not even with your new swaggy haircut – but it might be time for you to start wearing a wristwatch on the regular.

Bieber was in Dortmund, Germany on Friday night for the latest leg in his “Believe” European tour, but left fans disappointed when he showed up for his performance about two-and-a-half hours late. The crowd at Dortmund’s Westfalenhallen arena apparently chanted, booed, and sat on the floor of the venue until the 19-year-old pop start finally took the stage – without commenting on his tardiness. Many of the young concertgoers reportedly even had to wait outside in the cold for several hours before making it into the arena.

Because of the area’s laws, adolescents under 16 years of age cannot be at a concert without parental supervision past 10 p.m. For a Justin Bieber concert, that’s a lot of ticketholders. So, as a result, photographers on the scene snapped long lineups of angry parents trying to get their money back. By 9:45, there were allegedly more than 100 adults in line for refunds.

“justin bieber was too late for his concert yesterday, i saw girls crying because they have to left because girls underage 15 (c),” one attendee posted on Twitter, and followed up with: “i think if justin bieber goes on with this life, coming hours too late and being like this, i think his career will end soon im sorry”

But other Beliebers on Twitter are sticking steadfastly to their favourite pop star.

“Justin was like an hour late to my concert, our arena did the wave and chanted 'JUSTIN BIEBER' the whole time. TRUE BELIEBERS were there,” @Believeeexoxo wrote.

“justin was late so people were leaving? it's justin bieber you sit in the damn chair and wait for him,” wrote @malakfarhad.

Of course, Bieber has made his fans wait before, when he was two hours late previously at a highly anticipated performance at the o2 arena in London, England earlier in March.

We can perhaps give Bieber the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he lost track of time as he was trying to free his pet capuchin monkey that was confiscated from him in Munich last week. Right now the monkey, who Bieber named Mally, is being cared for at an animal shelter – where it will remain if Bieber doesn’t present German authorities with the proper paperwork within four weeks.

We never thought that Bieber would have to face such a hard decision – his fans, or his monkey?