Justin Bieber #cutforbieber trend angers Twitter community

Justin Bieber has taken over Twitter again, but this time, the pop star himself probably would not be pleased.

After the 18-year-old "Boyfriend" singer was photographed allegedly smoking marijuana last week, some anti-Beliebers attempted to use Twitter to get his fans to start cutting themselves to stop Bieber's downward spiral -- and the social networking site is not happy.

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According to Complex, the sick joke originated on Monday with the online bulletin board 4chan, specifically the "/b" board, where an anonymous poster egged on the community to launch a Twitter campaign that would urge Beliebers to cut themselves to protest their idol going to pot.

"Lets start a cut yourself for bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves," the poster wrote.

Their efforts resulted in the trending topics #CutforBieberand #CuttingForBieber, along with a barrage of disturbing images (some fake, some reportedly real) of slashed arms being posted on the social networking site on Monday morning. Though there is no evidence that any fans actually cut themselves, a number of Twitter users have denounced mocking self-harm.

"I am sick to my stomach by the trend #cutforbieber," tweeted Abraham Lim. "True fans would NEVER harm themselves to prove a point to the artist in question."

Twitter user @RyansAverageLife added, "#cutforbieber This trend is absolutely unacceptable and makes me sick to my stomach. Serious issues like cutting shouldn't be glorified."

Bieber has not responded to the controversy, but other stars have taken issue with it. Miley Cyrus, who recently backed up the Canuck when he called for stricter paparazzi laws after a photographer died snapping Bieber's car, retweeted the Official CANCER post denouncing the trend: "#cutforbieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful."

Other tweeters have taken the campaign more lightly and posted images of themselves cutting objects that don't include their flesh.

"I #cutforbieber too okay?" tweeted Jaime Tan JianHao, along with a quartet of photos in which he snipped his finger nails.

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Meanwhile, Benjamin Macedo grabbed a piece of paper, started cutting, and posted the photo on his account, writing:"I can't stop myself #CutForBieber."

The disturbing new trend comes three months after pranksters attempted to get fans to cut their hair by claiming Bieber had cancer -- the hashtag #BaldforBieber soon started making the rounds.

And just like then, we're not laughing.

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