Justin Bieber’s Twitter account hits 25 million followers

North Stars

He's only 18, but Justin Bieber has already hit the big 2-5.

Thanks to the efforts of his Beliebers, the Canadian "Boyfriend" singer has finally hit 25 million followers on Twitter, making him second only to Lady Gaga (who has him beat by about 2 million) on the social networking site.

"25 sittin on 25 mill ‪#drakelyrics‬ ‪#motto," Bieber tweeted last night, quoting lyrics from Drake's song "The Motto."

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Earlier in the day, the Ontario pop star boasted about his "inside jokes with almost 25 Million people. Me and my fans...my beliebers....we got something special...." He made it even more special by posting the first photo (a familiar bloody look) from his new music video, "As Long as You Love Me."

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Serendipitously, Bieber reached the milestone only three days after a flash mob performing his hit song "Baby" took over the Twitter headquarters' cafeteria in San Francisco last week. A video shows employees lip synching and dancing to celebrate Hack Week, during which employees are free to hack the social networking site in order to improve it.

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On the other side of the world, Bieber was celebrating in Australia's capital city, his latest tour stop. This weekend his Aussie fans  were as wild as ever, screaming at a doppelganger they thought was Bieber who happened to be staying at the teen star's Melbourne hotel. (If you're feeling sensing deja vu, that's because a year ago another Bieber lookalike was let loose on fans in Adelaide last year.)

"Hate these long flights," Bieber en route to Down Under. "But worth it to see my fans in Australia."