Justin Bieber removing Selena Gomez reference from ‘Beauty and a Beat’ lyrics

Carly Maga
North Stars

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when the time comes to delete romantic emails and texts, untag couple-y photos on Facebook, unfollowing on Twitter -- and, in Justin Bieber's case, altering lyrics to his worldwide hit pop song to exclude mentions of Selena Gomez.

In Bieber's collaboration with Nicki Minaj, "Beauty And A Beat," the female rapper spits out the line "Justin Bieber/ You know I'm a hit 'em with the ether/ Buns out, wiener/ But I gotta keep an eye out for Selena." (Although the way Minaj pronouces it, it's more like "Selenerrr.")

Of course there's no need for Minaj to keep her eyes out anymore, now that Bieber and Gomez, his girlfriend of nearly two years, have split. Consequentially, Bieber has reportedly asked that the particular line be altered for his future live shows.

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"It's too late for Justin to remove the lyric from his album. But there's no way he's going to be singing it or have anyone else sing it — including Nicki — at his concerts," a source told the British tabloid The Sun. "He knows it would just rub salt in the wounds for Selena and there would be a huge backlash from his girl fans, so it's easier forgotten."

On the plus side, perhaps now that he's changing the line, Bieber could choose something that actually rhymes with "wiener." On the negative side, that must sting for the 20-year-old actress, who's currently traveling the States to promote her teen clothing line, Dream Out Loud. But reports are coming out that Gomez, too, is cutting 18-year-old Bieber out of her life by blocking his phone calls and text messages.

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But, as always, a breakup means reunion rumours are never far behind. Apparently Bieber, who has kept pretty busy since the breakup was announced, is having second thoughts on the split. If the two ever do get back together, not only will life get back to normal, but Bieber's lyrics will, too.