Justin Bieber talks overalls, Grammy snub with Ellen DeGeneres

Carly Maga
North Stars

We don't get to say this very often, but it has been a rough few weeks for Justin Bieber. He has faced troubles with romance, his wardrobe, CFL performances, and award shows -- not to mention that narrowly avoided murder plot. If only we could all go on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" whenever we have problems and have the affable host help us feel better.

When Bieber made a guest appearance on the show this week, DeGeneres gave the pop star a gift: a pair of black tuxedo overalls, complete with bow tie and cummerbund -- a joke on the not-very-formal overalls Bieber wore to meet Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I'm going to wear these the next time I meet him!" yelled the 18-year-old singer in response.

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Bieber also used the opportunity to shed a little light on the much-maligned outfit he wore to meet the Prime Minister, which many assumed took place on Parliament Hill because of several official-looking flags in the background. However, Bieber claimed he was actually at an event for his own fans.

"I was doing a meet and greet, meeting all my fans and he came to the venue where I was performing," he said.

This surprised DeGeneres. "He brings his flags with him?" she asked incredulously. "It looks like you went to his office dressed like that, but he brought flags to make it look like you're underdressed. That's not fair."

Bieber admitted that had the situation been in his control, he would have "been all done up." Well, that's a load off of our minds.

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That's not the only encouragement DeGeneres gave the young singer, who failed to earn a Grammy nomination this year for his album "Believe." First, DeGeneres listed off all of Bieber's previous awards wins and nominations at the AMAs and the People's Choice Awards to boost his confidence. But as it turns out, his spirits don't need much lifting.

"It's definitely something that I was looking forward to, but I know that it'll happen someday," Bieber said, smiling slyly. "I've got plenty of time."

Bieber might have had a rough tail-end of 2012, but overall, there have probably been more highs than lows for Bieber this year. And when you're down, sometimes all it takes is a friendly talk show host to make it all better again.