Justin Bieber under fire for giving away his pet hamster

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When you're an international pop-singing superstar like Justin Bieber, it's natural that there will be a few dissenting voices amid the millions and bajillions of fans ar0und the world. But who would have thought that he would have the California Hamster Association on his back?

That's exactly what recent entertainment headlines have been declaring, so if that has you confused, you're not alone. Let us explain the saga of Bieber and PAC, his (former) pet hamster.

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In late October 2012, Bieber introduced his Twitter and Instagram followers to his latest tour partner on four legs.

"This is PAC the hamster my new believe tour pet I will bring him to every meet n greet," he captioned a photo of his tiny furry friend. Since then, PAC made an occasional appearance on Bieber's Instagram feed, and was an instant hit at the star's public appearances with his fans. He also has his own Twitter feed with way more followers than most of us could ever hope to amass.

But, sadly, Bieber parted ways with his tourmate earlier this month when he suddenly handed PAC off to an eager fan before signing autographs after a concert in Atlanta. After bringing him along for  almost two months on the "Believe" tour, Bieber may have realized that a hectic itinerary on the road is not a place for a pet hamster, and chose a lucky new pet owner at random.

“You gotta take care of PAC," Bieber can be heard telling the rodent's new owner. "I will take care of him!" she responded.

While she may be thrilled, the CHA was not impressed by Bieber's rash decision.

"(Hamsters) often succumb quickly to illness and death (when faced with) sudden environmental change," a spokesperson told TMZ. "The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom."

Instead, Bieber should have given PAC to an animal shelter to find a new owner, the spokesperson said.

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But according to PAC's Twitter feed, he's being well-cared for and urges everyone not to worry about him. His new owner, 18-year-old Victoria Blair, is apparently treating PAC "like a tiny rodent king" at her home in Alabama.

"I <3 PAC so so much. He's doing great. #MUCHLOVE everyone," Blair tweeted a few days after she received her early Christmas present, along with a photo of her playing with the pet.

If the CHA is that concerned about PAC's well-being, Blair regularly posts updates to her social media feed. And so far, it seems like it's a far cry away from meeting its "doom."