Lady Gaga’s Toronto fans chant ‘Gaga for Mayor’ in the midst of Rob Ford saga

North Stars

Toronto mayor Rob Ford insists he's not going to resign, but Lady Gaga's Toronto fans think she's the person for the job.

The 27-year-old "Do What U Want" singer was in Toronto earlier this week to promote her new album, "Artpop." After spending Sunday conducting media interviews, Monday night she took part in a Q&A at 99 Sudbury that was closed to the press.

“I miss you!” Lady Gaga called to her little Canadian monsters as she arrived an hour after she was scheduled to take part in a photo call (according to Global News, it was cancelled due to bad lighting). And her fans called back.

According to Elio Iannacci, the Fashion magazine editor who interviewed Gaga, fans were calling for the pop star to take charge of running Toronto.

While it is unclear whether the Fame Monster will take them up on their offer, Gaga gladly accepted an award for selling 80,000 copies of her fourth album.

Artpop is really a celebration of … surviving for the past five years," Gaga told City News on Sunday. "I never changed who I was or when people wanted me to change, I just kept being me. And here we are."