Man allegedly murders mother over Avril Lavigne concert tickets

Here's a story that can best be described using Avril Lavigne's own song lyrics: "What the hell?"

An Illinois man is currently on trial, accused of the 2008 murder of his mother - and prosecutors told jurors that it was allover an Avril Lavigne concert. Robert Lyons allegedly beat his 61-year-old mother, Linda Bolek, to death when Bolek refused to buy him skybox tickets to the show.

The incident occurred in March 2008, after Bolek reportedly refused her son's request. According to prosecutors, Lyons hit his mother on the head with a bottle of cognac, and stabbed her nine times in the back. The man allegedly then poured household chemicals on Bolek's body.

Lyons, who is bi-polar, was arrested hours after the murder; he was found at a Hooters restaurant.

"This defendant was so angry with his mother that he bludgeoned and repeatedly stabbed her in a fit of rage," said Assistant State's Attorney Ann Celine O'Hallaren during court proceedings last week.

Defense attorneys for Lyons said he did not intentionally kill Bolek. According to Assistant Public Defender Valerie Pacis, Bolek held a knife to her son's face during an argument, threatening to stab him in the eye.

"Rob Lyons reacted," said Pacis. "That reaction was not intended, that reaction was not planned."

Curiously, Lyons' attorneys did not use the "but it was a really good Avril Lavigne concert" defense.

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