Manager Scooter Braun Shows Support Following Justin Bieber’s DUI Arrest

Suzy Byrne
North Stars

Seth Rogen's tweet about Justin Bieber's DUI arrest wasn't representative of all of Hollywood. The troubled Canadian singer is getting support, too.

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It's not exactly a shock that the star's talent manager, Scooter Braun, is offering words of support following the Miami Beach debacle, during which the 19-year-old allegedly told cops he had been drinking, smoking pot, and taking prescription pills prior to being pulled over for drag racing.

Braun, whose biggest client is Bieber, then added this:

Even Lady Gaga asked her Monsters to be kind to the star.

"Hey monsters. I know everyone today is taking about Justin's arrest and all sorts of words and judgments are happening on the Internet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and to stand up for themselves, but I think we should be supportive of Beliebers," she wrote on "They deserve, just like any other fan, to feel strong for each other and Justin so they can continue to share the bond they have through music."

She finished by writing, "We may not understand everything celebrities do because there’s only so much we see, but Justin and Beliebers were ‘born this way’ too. Let’s spread love and compassion to Beliebers today. That is what we are all about. Can you trend #MonstersSupportBeliebers?"

Meanwhile, a quote Jon M. Chu, who directed both of Bieber's documentaries, "Never Say Never" and the recent "Believe," gave in October is being circulated. He had asked the star how he planned to avoid following in the footsteps of trouble-plagued stars including Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan.

"He doesn't know how to answer the question at first," Chu told the Los Angeles Times. "Even when he starts to give reasoning — 'I live in a great house and nothing can go wrong here' — I'm like, 'Everything can go wrong here! Don't you get it? You need to be aware, that's where the problem starts!' His face is kind of surprised. I'm not sure he'd fully thought it through yet."

That Q&A didn't make it into the movie. Instead, Bieber is seen talking about how he'll never turn into a train wreck. Oy.

Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami after he and his pal, singer Khalil, were stopped for allegedly drag racing in a residential area. The "Boyfriend" singer was driving a flashy yellow Lamborghini when he was stopped and was charged with DUI, resisting arrest (he repeatedly cursed at officers), and driving with an expired driver's license. In his mug shot, he was smiling — and when he left jail, he happily waved to his fans.

Comedian Seth Rogen's tweet following the arrest quickly went viral. He cracked, "All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of s--t."

While certainly funny (it was retweeted about 120,000 times and had nearly 100,000 favorites), apparently not everyone agrees with that assessment.