Marilyn Manson slams Canada, Avril Lavigne

North Stars

In one fell swoop, Marilyn Manson has offended both Canada and one of its most popular musicians (according to Facebook).

The 43-year-old "Born Villain" singer shot down rumours he was dating Avril Lavigne in a new video interview with the U.K. website Entertainment Wise.

"Yesterday I read that I was dating Avril Lavigne, and I was like 'What the f--- was that? She's Canadian, I wouldn't do that,'" he said, before adding, "No offense to Canada."

Offense taken.

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Though Manson admitted he knows the 27-year-old Napanee native ("actually I shaved her head," he said, referring to the very short 'do the pop star premiered in June), he joked that he couldn't remember if he ever got intimate with the "What the Hell" singer.

"Chances are, no," he said. "Sorry, Avril."

Lavigne is currently single, having split with boyfriend Brody Jenner in January. She was previously attached to a fellow Canadian musician, Sum 41's Deryck Whibley. They broke up in 2009 after three years of marriage.

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Meanwhile, Manson has reportedly been linked to 20-something photographer Lindsay Usich in the March 2012 issue of Revolver magazine.

But Star Magazine hooked up Lavigne to Manson last month, claiming they got together while the Canuck songstress was in Paris and Manson was on a tour in Europe.

Manson's rep told Gossip Cop the story was "not true."