Michael Bublé teased on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ for being Canadian

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Michael Bublé is a talented guy. He's a globally-celebrated, Grammy-winning, gold-album singer as well as a former actor, hockey player, and aspiring journalist. But a guest appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night proved the Burnaby, B.C. crooner can't play the accordion worth a lick.

Bublé teamed up with to Jimmy Fallon to go head-to-head against actress Keira Knightley and musician Dave Matthews in a game that saw each of the four players choose an obscure instrument while their partner tried to guess which tune they were playing. However, it wasn't long before the entire skit turned into everyone teasing Bublé for his Canadian heritage.

"He's from Canada, they know Old MacDonald there!" Fallon shouted after Bublé correctly guessed the song Fallon played on the melodica. "That's fantastic!"

"That's their national anthem," Matthews quipped in response.

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Bublé's biggest humiliation came when he attempted to play "New York, New York" on the accordion. Not even familiar with how to hold the instrument, the singer's rendition drew head shakes and eye rolls from "Late Night" band The Roots.

Even though Bublé and Fallon ended up beating Knightley and Matthews, it must not have gone exactly as the 37-year-old "Home" singer had dreamed. All the while, though, he kept a smile on his face and his spirits up -- not bad, for a guy whose ex-girlfriend once called him "a self-obsessed jerk". However, Bublé recently admitted he's turned a corner in his rude boy attitude.

"When life is good you should just really appreciate that. I used to be a professional a------. A lot of that came from insecurity and not being able to live in the moment," he told the Toronto Star in November. "The difference is some people will know it and want to change, others won't, but I thought if I don't I'll probably end up alone with long fingernails. I was pretty insecure."

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Now that he's happily married to Argentinean actress Luisana Lopilato, Bublé says he's feeling more content and humble. And not only on TV appearances, but in admitting he "wimped out" on playing hockey with the Vancouver Canucks, and in joining "Saturday Night Live" in parodying Bublé's Christmas Duets.

Continuing in the festive, spirit, Bublé's Christmas special "Home for the Holidays" will air on Dec. 10 on NBC, where, hopefully, no one will dispute his musical ability or his newfound Canadian good-naturedness.