Only two Canadians make list of 50 Hottest Women on Twitter

Think Nina Dobrev is as hot as Ashley Greene? Or that Elisha Cuthbert is more smokin' than Lindsay Lohan? So do we, which is why we're puzzled by their exclusion from Complex magazine's list of the "50 Hottest Women on Twitter."

In fact, Canadian beauties were almost completely ignored by Complex, who included only two Canucks on the list: Emmanuelle Chriqui and Paulina Gretzky.

Claiming that the social networking site has made "hot women more accessible than ever," Complex counts down from No. 50 (Olivia Munn) to No. 1 (Rihanna), with the two Canucks in between.

Landing in the top 10 was, unsurprisingly, perennial favourite Chriqui, who sat pretty at No. 9, despite the fact that she joined the site early last year and has "only" 76,879 followers.

"If you're nostalgic for 'Entourage' or simply watched it for the hope of seeing Sloan, then you can cut out the bromances and focus on your girl via her twitpic-tastic account," reads the entry for the 34-year-old Montrealer.

Meanwhile, Gretzky, the eldest child of the Great One, was awarded for her Twitter scandal from last year. The 23-year-old aspiring singer, who joined the site three years ago, landed at No. 39 for "her neverending album of sexy self portraits of her and a million of her friends who look just like her." It appears 82,932 of her followers agree. Still, Gretzky was actually born in Los Angeles, so she's only half-Canadian.

Conspicuously absent from Complex's list were "Vampire Diaries" star Dobrev, who has more than 1 million Twitter followers, "24's" Cuthbert, and "Watchmen" beauty Malin Akerman. Not to mention pop star Avril Lavigne, who has almost 4 million Twitter followers and was crowned the most popular Canadian on another social networking site last year.

It's not that complicated, guys.

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