Paulina Gretzky tweets anti-Obama photo

Soraya Roberts
North Stars

Paulina Gretzky thinks voting is "sexy" -- as long as you didn't vote for Obama.

In the wake of the U.S. president's re-election on Tuesday night, the 23-year-old daughter of Wayne Gretzky posted a photo of herself flashing the bird at a puppet version of Barack Obama.

"Ya I Went There," the caption read.

The image has since been deleted. Gretzky's last tweet is now a photo of her baby cousin and the message, "Even my little cousin Ford knows what's up 'voting is sexy!' GO VOTE!"

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Though we didn't know that Gretzky supported Mitt Romney, the Huffington Post notes that, in October, she did watch "2016: Obama's America," which the site describes as an anti-Obama documentary.

"Just watched Obama 2016. Wow, frightening," she tweeted after seeing it.

The blond beauty is known for exposing herself, having just recently tweeted a risqué photo of herself in a barely there Halloween costume.

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Though her famous dad has not responded to his daughter's political tweet, Wayne appears to have gotten over her sexy Twitter antics.

"She's 24 years old," he told TMZ last week. "She's a good girl."

What do you think of Paulina Gretzky's anti-Obama photo? Was it an example of free speech in action, or was it out of line?