People’s ‘sexiest man alive’ is Channing Tatum, but where are the Canadians?

According to People magazine, Canada isn't responsible for any of the sexiest men alive this year.

On Tuesday, "Magic Mike" star Channing Tatum was named People's 'sexiest man alive.' The 32-year-old Alabama native topped out a 12-strong list that included largely U.S. stars (including Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper) as well as one Brit ("Homeland'"s Damien Lewis) and a South African (Olympian Oscar Pistorius).

"My first thought was, 'Y'all are messing with me,'" Tatum told People.

That was our first thought, too, considering the surprising lack of Canadian hunks on the list.

Poor Ryan Gosling has been flirting with the title for years without ever actually winning it -- though he did make the Top 10 in 2011.

"He's a real-life good Samaritan, he loves dogs and he finally showed off his funny bone (and hot abs!) in the summer hit 'Crazy, Stupid, Love,'" Gosling's entry read last year. Perhaps his chances were hindered by the fact that the 32-year-old Ontario native wasn't in any movies in 2012.

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But what about Ryan Reynolds? Not only did the hunky Vancouver-born babe have a buzzy secret wedding to Blake Lively, he also starred in "Safe House" opposite Denzel Washington. So, why did his co-star make the list and not him? It's not as though former sexiest men alive (Reynolds won the title in 2010) are banned from the list -- 2011 winner Bradley Cooper squeaked in at No. 12 this year.

Perhaps the most startling oversights are two of the biggest stars in music: Drake and Justin Bieber. The same year Reynolds won 'sexiest man alive,' Drake appeared in the No. 4 spot, but this year he is nowhere to be found. As for Bieber, perhaps he is just too young. This year's list is decidedly mature, with the oldest entry being Richard Gere at 63. Just give it another 45 years, Bieber!

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This isn't to say that we disagree with Tatum as the choice for 'sexiest man alive.' Considering how self-deprecating he is ("When I'm not training, I get really round and soft," he confessed to People), he could even be considered an honorary Canadian! But surely People's list could have included a little more representation from the Great White North. Oh, well -- there's always next year.