Rachel McAdams makes friends at Chicago bar

Carly Maga
North Stars

Rachel McAdams has a reputation for being down to earth, what with her staying true to her Toronto roots and keeping a low-profile romance with Michael Sheen. But a recent thread on Reddit shows the actress is taking her friendliness to a whole new level.

In a post titled, "So I’m sitting in a bar…and this chick asks me if I’ve ever seen 'The Notebook,'" Reddit user cmiller84 posted a photo of himself and the 34-year-old Canadian actress in a crowded bar. McAdams, hair pulled back and dressed in an elegant white turtleneck, looks to be enjoying herself as she rests her arm on the man's shoulders.

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Luckily for her fans, cmiller84 shed some light on their run-in at the Kingston Mines bar in Chicago.

"Back story: She was apparently visiting Chicago for the week for some fundraiser. She said she was here last year shooting 'The Vow' and she enjoyed the city so much that she wanted to come back," he wrote. "I was just chilling there with my buddies and she came in and nobody even noticed who she was. Except me of course because she is super fine. I bought her a shot and she returned the favor with 3 more Patron shots. Then she asked if I wanted to take a picture. She was super nice but unfortunately she wouldn't let me get her number lol. All in all I talked to her for about 30 min."

Later, he revealed more details about their encounter and how he initially started talking to two of McAdams's male friends while standing at the bar.

"The guy was like, 'hey C (me) this is Rachel, Rachel this is C.' I shook her hand and really acted like I didnt know who she was. I then was like, 'Let's take a shot.' The dude said 'no' but Rachel said sure, 'I'll take tequila.' So of course I bought Patron not trying to be a cheap f---er," wrote cmiller84. "I was a little buzzed and she was definitely a little wasted because she was kinda dancing around with her gf's who I had no idea who they were. She came back up to me and was like, 'want to get another shot?' I said absolutely and she bought Patron. This occurred 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds of Patron on her. She wouldn't let me buy the rounds even though I insisted."

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After they took the picture together, cmiller84 says that's when more people at the bar realized who she was, so McAdams and her friends decided it was time to leave. And when he asked for the starlet's number, she responded, "Well, I'm actually seeing somebody."

So, it looks like Sheen has little to worry about when it comes to his superfriendly girlfriend making friends with strangers. And although he didn't get the girl, cmiller84 sure did get a good night, a good story, and his 15 minutes of fame on Reddit.