Randy Quaid denied Canadian citizenship

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Randy Quaid's long stay in Vancouver, B.C. -- which has lasted more than two years, at this point -- continues to be more like a vacation, now that his request for permanent residency has been denied.

Quaid, 62, and wife Evi, 49, applied for refugee status in Canada in October 2010 after the pair fled to Vancouver from the United States. Evi, whose father was Canadian, was granted citizenship in early February 2011 and then attempted to sponsor her husband for immigration. However, Canadian immigration officials have rejected the request from the Houston, Texas-born actor (who has played in "Brokeback Mountain," "Independence Day," and the "Vacation" film series).

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It's the latest update in the bizarre tale that represents Randy and Evi Quaid's stay in Canada, which they claim to be a matter of life and death. Arrest warrants they face in the United States for burglary and vandalism charges in Santa Barbara aren't their only issue; the couple is also avoiding re-entering the States because they believe the "Hollywood Star Whackers" are out for their lives. And that's just the beginning! Here are the five strangest moments in the Quaids' conspiracy theory.

5. According to the Quaids, the Hollywood Star Whackers, a legion of high-powered financial planners and lawyers, are behind the deaths of actors Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, and David Carradine. Soon after arriving in Vancouver and applying for refugee status, Quaid explained that his history of legal and financial crises was a direct result of this mysterious group that murders celebrities for their money.

"They follow us, they tail us, they tag our cell phone, they hack our computer. ... We believe there to be a malignant tumour of star whackers in Hollywood. It's possible for people to gain control of every facet of your life. We're not faking it," he told the U.K. Telegraph, naming Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Mel Gibson as other targets.

4. Randy and Evi did a feature-length interview with Vanity Fair in January 2011, in which they revealed details of their conspiracy, their relationship, and their newfound affinity for hybrid cars. They apparently gave up their Mercedes for a Toyota Prius, which they and their dog Doji sometimes used as a home "on nights when we’re too terrified to leave our stuff or don’t feel secure," according to Evi. "Priuses are deceptively roomy,” said Randy. They also reportedly tried to drive to Siberia but "couldn't figure out how to get there."

3. According to Vanity Fair, the couple has also been pitching a reality TV series called "Star Trackers," which follows the Quaids as they hunt the hunters and track down members of the Hollywood Star Whackers in a "Bonnie-and-Clyde-like" style. Members named in lawsuits with the Quaids were reportedly fearful because of these pitches to L.A. producers, and one even hired security briefly.

2. Randy and Evi Quaid premiered an experimental, 80-minute-long film in Vancouver titled "Star Whackers," which Evi directed and Randy starred in. According to reviews, it featured the 62-year-old actor naked in a field, covered by a long fur coat, repeating lines from Shakespeare, and shooting a magazine photo of himself with a live submachine gun. Evi Quaid explained the film as “a hyper-surreal aspect of what it is to be pursued to your own death.”

1. At the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival, Canadian actors and writers Amanda Barker and Daniel Krolik performed their play "Release the Stars: The Ballad of Randy and Evi Quaid," inspired by the real lives of the infamous couple. The show was well-received by the festival, and even by the Quaids themselves, who made a surprise appearance at one of the performances, with their dog Doji in tow. They encouraged Krolik and Barker to expand the show with their own suggestions and even turn it into a musical.

"Apparently [Randy Quaid] was whispering to [director] Jack Grinhaus during the show, about how ‘this really happened’ or it was ‘just like that,’” Krolik said. “And Evi taped the whole thing. Which is what she does.”

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Now that his first citizenship application has been denied, Quaid can take his appeal to federal court, which he is likely to do.

"Organized crime and its victims are serious issues and can not be tossed off until the claim is heard," said the couple in a statement released with the latest decision. With the saga of Randy and Evi Quaid far from over, we can expect more outrageous additions to this list in the future.