Rufus Wainwright sings chewing gum jingles in ‘Funny or Die’ video

Rufus Wainwright has given new meaning to the term "tongue in cheek."

The Canadian singer-songwriter, who just released his new album "Out of the Game," has positioned himself squarely in the comedy game with a "Funny Or Die" video in which he promotes another new project: The fictional album "Rufus Does Gum."

"Finally, I'm going to perform a show consisting entirely of the music that has influenced me and shaped me more than any other: Chewing gum jingles!" he announces in the clip.

In his trademark style, Wainwright proceeds to try his hand at "the greatest musical form of the 20th century" with the theme songs for Juicy Fruit, Extra, Wrigley's, Doublemint, and (our favourite) a romantic rendition of Big Red.

Which is your favourite?

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