Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell sell knives on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Soraya Roberts
North Stars

The mafia is nothing to laugh about, but tell that to Ryan Gosling. The 32-year-old Canadian heartthrob, who plays a 1940s cop trying to keep the mob out of town in "Gangster Squad," can't seem to keep a straight face while promoting the crime drama.

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Two days after taking his mom as his date to the film's premiere, Gosling laughed it up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in a skit with comedian Will Ferrell. The Ontario native could barely keep a straight face as he and Ferrell attempted to complete their "QVC Knife Show," which was allegedly clashing with Kimmel's time slot.

Gosling entered halfway through the sketch as Ferrell's "guest" to cheers from the audience. The "Drive" star shook his head at Kimmel as he held a tray of items for his partner to slice.

"What the hell are you doing here, Jimmy?" Gosling asked in mock anger. "We sell knives at 11:30, everybody knows that!"

Despite maintaining a straight face initially, the actor couldn't help but giggle as Ferrell slashed through cookie dough and cotton candy to illustrate the efficacy of his knives.

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Gosling also failed to keep a straight face when he appeared on "Conan" Thursday night. The London, Ontario-born actor brought an audience member onstage and proceeded to whisper responses for her to say to any questions Conan asked.

"I think that there needs to be a little tension -- a little conflict," he explained of his actions.

"I like your suit; do they make it for men?" the audience member asked after Gosling cupped his mouth close to her ear for the first time, causing her puppet master to burst out laughing.

Gosling then giggled so much he had to cover his mouth after he told the woman to tell the host, "You've got a big mouth and you just like to run it."

It makes you wonder how Gosling ever got through shooting "Breaker High."