Ryan Gosling looks battered and bruised in ‘Only God Forgives’ poster

North Stars

Ryan Gosling isn't looking his best in the promo poster for the upcoming Nicolas Winding Refn film, "Only God Forgives." But we already knew this one was going to be a bloodbath — and besides, we've seen him looking worse before.

In "Only God Forgives," 32-year-old Gosling plays Julien, an ex-boxer living in Bangkok, Thailand running a boxing gym as a drug front. When his mother (played by Kristin Scott Thomas) shows up to encourage him to avenge his brother's murder, it pits him against a police lieutenant in a Thai boxing match. It's a role that should be pretty gritty, as the gnarly effects in promo poster indicate.

But even though more than 75 per cent of Gosling's face puffed, bruised, cut, and bloody, 2013 could still be a great year for the actor.

We all know that Gosling has been passed over several times out of the title of "Sexiest Man of the Year" by People Magazine. Not that he hasn't gotten recognition for the superstar that he is from other publications and organizations, but in 2013, he'll not only star in this bloody thriller (from the same director as the hit "Drive"), but he'll also headline "Gangster Squad" with his "Crazy Stupid Love" co-star Emma Stone, as well as a yet-to-be-titled film by Terrence Malick he's currently shooting in Texas and Mexico with Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara. And just to top things off, Gosling will also make his directorial debut in "How to Catch a Monster" starring Christina Hendricks.

So, 2013 is looking mighty promising for Gosling's professional life. And as long as things continue to work with Eva Mendes, and wedding bell rumours continue to swirl, next year might be just as good to his personal life, too.

It seems unlikely at first, but this gruesome shot of Gosling just might be a sign of a knockout year for the Canadian actor.