Ryan Gosling meme meets Equal Pay Day

Carly Maga
North Stars

Tuesday, April 17, was Equal Pay Day, a day to focus on the gender wage gap between women and men; it's reported that women still make only 77 cents for each dollar men earn. And to raise awareness about the gender wage gap yesterday, the Daily Muse enlisted the help of Ryan Gosling -- or, at least, they enlisted the help of his meme.

"Hey girl, today I'm wearing red to show support for the inexcusable wage gap," says a photo of Gosling, as he looks very dapper in a red T-shirt and a black hoodie.

In another photo, he looks deeply into our eyes as the text reads, "Hey girl, when I heard you make on average $8,000/year less than a male doing the same exact job, I got a little upset."

Would we expect anything less from Ryan Gosling? He's buff, he saves people's lives, and he knows just what to say to make you swoon. To date, the Ryan Gosling meme has been used for countless topics, including feminism, librarians, stage managers, roller-derby girls, and even font enthusiasts.

With the Gos in our corner, maybe this will be the last year necessary for an official Equal Pay Day.

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