UPDATED: Ryan Gosling tells off sidewalk cyclist in Toronto: Report

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UPDATE 2:45 p.m. ET: omg! Canada contacted Michael Murray to obtain confirmation of this story. Murray replied with the clarification that his Ryan Gosling story is fictional.

"What I wrote was a piece of fiction. I typically write comedic, celebrity infused fiction for Pajiba, where it is known by the audience that I am mining a ground between fact and fiction," Murray wrote. "I'm sorry if this misunderstanding has caused you any problems."

PREVIOUSLY: He may break up fights and save women from being run over in New York, but on his home turf, Ryan Gosling is a lot less friendly. And according to one Toronto cyclist, the 31-year-old Canadian actor is downright confrontational.

In a new post on Pajiba, Toronto writer Michael Murray reveals that Gosling told him off for riding his bike on a city sidewalk.

"You shouldn't be doing that, you know," the "Drive" star reportedly told Murray as he rode along the footpath in the Annex, an affluent community in the downtown core.

"Give me a break, Gosling!" Murray responded ("I have no idea why I said this," he wrote).

But Gosling was in no mood for mercy, opting to jog up to Murray instead.

"No, I won't give you a break," Gosling allegedly replied. "Either walk your bike or ride on the street like you're supposed to."

Though Murray planned to ride away after claiming he had one lung, he writes that Gosling had placed his hand on his bike.

"No, no, you're not going to ride away from this," Gosling reportedly said. "Now just get off the sidewalk, OK? You're a grown man, do the right thing."

In apparent defeat, Murray writes that he stepped down from his bike, but not before aiming one more jab at his famous interlocutor.

"George Clooney wouldn't be so difficult," he said.

"Oh, yes, he would. Have you ever worked with him?" Gosling immediately shot back (he recently worked with the 51-year-old actor on "The Ides of March"). The actor added, "Well, you should just take my word for it and move along."

As Murray "slinked" his bike away, the actor watched him, hands on hips. It wasn't until a few minutes later that the cyclist turned around to see Gosling gone.

Murray concluded: "Even though the star was nowhere to be seen, I felt his presence and continued to walk my bike down the street, now the slowest, saddest man in the world."

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