Ryan Reynolds in Sudbury to film Atom Egoyan’s ‘Queen of the Night’

Soraya Roberts
North Stars

Nickel City is cashing in on some star power.

Actor Ryan Reynolds has sent the Canadian town into a tizzy after writing on his Facebook page Saturday, "In Sudbury, Ontario. Preparing to start filming Queen of The Night here. #WorkAgain ;)"

Twitter user James Harbinson appeared to confirm the post, claiming the "Safe House" star was already ensconced in a local hotel. "My wife is in Sudbury, complaining about what an armpit it is, but now she's telling me Ryan Reynolds is in her hotel 'filming a movie,'" he tweeted on Tuesday.

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In Atom Egoyan's upcoming thriller, the 36-year-old Vancouver native plays a father trying to track down his kidnapped daughter. According to NorthernLife.ca, the film's cast and crew have been seen around what used to be a Catholic school, Saint Theresa, where they are set to shoot for about a week.

Though Reynolds was reportedly AWOL from the set on Monday, Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson are also in the film, so locals may want to keep an eye out for them, too. The cast will reportedly be filming in town Feb. 11-15, Feb. 19-22, Feb. 25-28 and March 1, before moving on to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

On Monday, Twitter went into overdrive with locals tweeting about the stars in their midst.

"After Ryan Reynolds sneaks into town, @SudburyStar @CTV_Television @CBCnewsSudbury @Northern_Life each assign reporter to celebrity stalking," wrote Sudbury News Now.

Lauren Toffoli, a Sudbury native and a kinesiology student at the University of Western Ontario in London, inquired, "Do you think uwo will grant a condolence request for my exams if I explain that Ryan Reynolds is in Sudbury..."

Even some men chimed in.

"To all guys in #Sudbury, Ryan Reynolds is in town...we may as well quit now," tweeted Andy Leach.

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Though Reynolds is not on Twitter, co-star Dawson tweeted "Thank you!" to Sudbury native Carol Landrye for her supportive message, "Sudbury welcomes you, Ryan Reynolds and the crew. Hope u enjoy ur stay!”

The Sudbury Star reports that Reynolds's wife, Blake Lively, is set to join him in town on Friday.

"Queen of the Night" is slated for release in 2014.