Sarah Silverman throws first pitch at Toronto baseball game

North Stars

Sarah Silverman is not taking her baseball career lightly. The comedian, who is in Toronto for the Just for Laughs festival, threw a fairly decent first pitch on Thursday to kick off a game between the Blue Jays and the New York Yankees.

In a pair of thigh-high stockings, leather boots, jean shorts and (of course) a Jays jersey (with "JFL" on the back), the 42-year-old funny woman appeared to throw the ball straight down the pitch. Proud of her performance, she held her head high and "spiked the glove."

"Little attitude, huh?" said the announcer.

Of course, it was all in jest, and the comedienne ran back to the mound to shake hands with pitcher Ricardo Romero. Unfortunately, her good vibes couldn't get the Jays through -- they lost the game 3 to 4.

Silverman is somewhat familiar with baseball. A self-described Boston Red Sox fan, she got bleeped in May 2011 when she joined the announcers during a game between the Red Sox and the Yankees.

"I can keep track and I can talk pretty good and when I know a couple facts I can run with it," she said of her knowledge of the game, though she neglected to add that she is no slouch when it comes to playing.

Silverman performs at the Sony Center on Sept. 20 as the headliner on the first night of the Just for Laughs festival, which runs until September 28.

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