Scott Speedman reveals his favourite Canadian athlete

Carly Maga
North Stars

It's right there in his name: Scott Speedman. The 37-year-old Toronto-raised actor has another passion outside of TV and film, and that's sports. His love is basketball -- and one Canadian basketball star in particular, he recently revealed.

"I'm a huge basketball fan. I love the way [Steve] Nash plays, with that soccer mentality of his," Speedman told Playboy this week, about the 38-year-old L.A. Lakers point guard from Victoria, British Columbia. "Nash's balance is crazy. He's just as good with the left hand as the right hand. He sees the whole floor, sees the pass before the pass. Steve Nash blows my mind."

But when it comes to his home team, the Toronto Raptors, Speedman was a little more blasé -- in fact, he admitted that he doesn't always root for the same team.

"I root for whoever's playing against Miami. I'm for the underdog. You can admire the Heat and love watching them -- talk about skills -- and still root against them a hundred per cent," he said.

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Speedman was a competitive swimmer in high school, almost making it to the Olympics in 1992. He's taken to the water again in the ABC drama "Last Resort," in which he plays a U.S. Navy officer whose submarine is attacked by its own country and is subsequently wrecked upon an island in the Indian Ocean. The show is filmed in Hawaii, which Speedman says is "an adjustment" despite its tropical beauty.

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Regardless, the actor still manages to sneak in an occasional game of hoops on an old tennis court that he turned into a basketball court -- that is, whenever the local pig hunter isn't over at his house, controlling the wild boar population in the jungle. (Unfortunately for Speedman and the rest of the cast and crew, ABC cancelled "Last Resort" in November, and the final episode completed filming earlier this month.)

When asked whether he would take on the role of a Northern superhero, Speedman told Play that he doubts "Captain Canada" would make for an interesting movie character.

"He might not be the best action hero. Captain Canada would be the polite one, so where's the drama? He's the superhero who never fights anybody," the former "Felicity" star said.