Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd try not to say ‘Super Bowl’ in Samsung ad

North Stars

The Green Hornet's latest mission is to dodge the Super Bowl.

Wait, what?

Yep, Seth Rogen, who headlined the big-screen "Green Hornet" adaptation in 2011, appears with Paul Rudd in a new Super Bowl ad in which neither of them is allowed to say the words "Super Bowl." The minute-long Samsung spot, directed by Jon Favreau, has the "Knocked Up" stars reuniting to pitch a fictional Super Bowl ad to Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad's" Saul) without actually saying it.

"We actually can't say Super ..." Rogen begins, before being interrupted by Odenkirk.

"It's trademarked," Odenkirk says. "We could get sued!"

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Also trademarked are the names of the competing teams ("San Francisco 49ers" and "Baltimore Ravens"), resulting in some hilariously sanitized versions of their names, such as "San Francisco Fifty-Minus-One-ers" and the "Baltimore Blackbirds."

The ad has already garnered nearly 1.7 million views, and according to Apple Insider, the ad is a "not-so-subtle jab" at Apple, which has filed lawsuits against Samsung accusing the company of copying the way the Apple iPhone and iPad look and feel.

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The football gig may come as a surprise to Rogen fans, who are used to seeing him portray slackers who would rather get high than do, well, anything. But you may remember the 30-year-old Vancouver native actually appeared twice on the FX series "The League," about a fantasy football league. He played a porn director, most recently in a December episode of the semi-scripted comedy.

Rogen's Super Bowl ad is set to air during the fourth quarter of Sunday's big game, and the full two-minute version, including an extended cut, will be available online later this week, reports Ad Week.