Taylor Swift’s mom gives Vancouver teens a thrill

Taylor isn't the only Swift who can make her fans cry. Over the weekend, four Vancouver Island teens cried after seeing the "Trouble" singer's mom at one of her shows.

At Swift's concert at Vancouver's B.C. Place on Saturday, Sage DaSilva, Karlee Zaruk, Fiona O'Flynn, and Olivia Heinz were in the crowd when they spotted Swift's mother, Andrea. The fans immediately went wild.

"It was before the show started and they were all hanging over the rail and nothing was happening yet," Sage's mom, Kathy, told the Vancouver Sun. "My daughter recognized her and they were crying because they were so excited to see her."

Of course, being Taylor's mother has its perks. According to Kathy, Andrea grabbed Sage's hand, motioned to her friends, and said, "You, you and you -- come with me."

The quartet of 13-year-olds joined TayTay's mom in an exclusive area behind the main stage, where they could watch the country star from just a few feet away. The girls also got to meet Taylor's brother, Austin, musician Ed Sheeran (who is touring with Taylor), and the show's opening act, Austin Mahone.

Best of all? Although the three teenagers didn't get to meet Taylor herself, they were allowed to leave a note for their 23-year-old idol to read after her gig. "[Sage] has carried around a note for Taylor Swift since she was 7 years old," Kathy said. "She was finally able to give it to her."

And they weren't the only B.C. kids basking in Taylor's glow at her concert this weekend. Thanks to a social media campaign, 11-year-old Selena Yorke, who has a rare degenerative neuro-muscular disease called Friedreich's ataxia, got to hug Taylor after her show on Saturday.

If that weren't enough, the songstress also had a little message for all of her fans this weekend. "In Vancouver- just realized you guys got my twitter up to 30 million followers?!?!" Swift tweeted on Saturday. "So cool considering I only tweet about my cat and food."

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