Tim Hortons creates one-of-a-kind Ryan Gosling mug

Do you think Ryan Gosling is a tall drink of water? Well, so does Tim Hortons -- to the point that it's actually turned him into a mug.

The 32-year-old "Gangster Squad" star now has his face plastered across a one-of-a-kind mug from the Canadian coffee chain, thanks to a recent interview in which he expressed the desire to have one.

"My first gangster movie was 'Dick Tracy,'" Gosling told Tribute.ca, in a video uploaded earlier this month. "I collected all the Burger King cups and had the posters. I thought I might get a cup out of ['Gangster Squad']. It has not happened."

After the interviewer suggested a Tim Hortons mug, the actor asked, "Can we get a Tim's mug for 'Gangster Squad,' please?"

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Buffalo.com published the story on Jan. 9, including a mock-up of a green "Gosling Goblet," which Tim Hortons linked to on Twitter.

"Hey @RyanGosling, we heard you wanted your face on a Tim's cup," the tweet read. "We'll see what we can do. ;)"

Two weeks later, Tim Hortons tweeted Tribute with the result: a white mug with Gosling's "Gangster Squad" portrait on one side and the franchise's logo on the other.

"Hey Tribute, you inspired us to create this one-of-a-kind Tim Hortons mug," the tweet read. "We hope you like it!"

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Though the mug is reportedly not available commercially, the fast-food chain did send one to S.J. Velasquez, the Buffalo.com writer who mocked up the Gosling Goblet. Unfortunately, UPS broke it.

"@UPS destroyed a rare mug and my dreams," Velasquez tweeted yesterday. "I hope @RyanGosling's delivery makes it in one piece."

That's probably why all those Dick Tracy mugs were made out of plastic, huh?