Why didn’t Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill get married last year?

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Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill were supposed to say "I do" five months ago, but didn't. What happened?

In a new interview with Victoria's Times Colonist, the groom-to-be revealed why his marriage to the 27-year-old "Newsroom" star never happened.

"Unfortunately, we're two busy people who are intrinsically lazy," Baruchel said. "So in our free time, the last thing we want to do is book flights and organize hotel rooms for people."

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Baruchel admitted that while the duo had booked a Quebec ice winery for the big event in September 2012, the timing just didn't work out.

"But it'll happen at some point," he added.

The 30-year-old Ottawa native reportedly popped the question with a 180-year-old Victoria wedding band in Christmas 2010.

"When I gave it to her, I just said, basically, 'S--- or get off the pot,' " Baruchel told ET Canada. "I said, 'F--- it, will you marry me?'"

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Just last year, the "Goon" star said he was "excited" about his upcoming nuptials, telling Us Weekly he would wear a kilt on the big day.

"Me and the groomsmen will all be wearing kilts!" Baruchel said proudly. "We'll be welcomed in by uilleann pipers. It will be a very small, 70 person wedding, just friends and family."

Pill has expressed a little more trepidation about her betrothal. The Toronto native told Vulture in July that planning a wedding was "the most stressful thing you can do."

"I would rather do live Aaron Sorkin than plan another wedding. Swear to God," she said. "Don’t do it. Anybody. Everybody should elope."

Sounds like a plan!