Woody Harrelson saves Ryan Gosling from overeager fans in New York


Woody Harrelson is wearing a few different hats when it comes to the play "Bullet for Adolf," currently playing Off-Broadway. He's the co-writer, the director, the inspiration (the play is semi-autobiographical), and sometimes, when his celebrity friends are in the audience, the security guard.

According to the New York Daily News, hunky Canadian and all-around good guy Ryan Gosling went to see a performance of "Bullet for Adolf" in New York last Friday. But, as is bound to happen when you're Gosling, he soon found himself the centre of attention instead. When intermission hit, a large number of frenzied female fans reportedly turned their focus onto Gosling, allegedly swarming the "Notebook" actor in the lobby of the New World Stages theatre.

Enter Woody Harrelson, security guard.

One witness told the Daily News that the "Cheers" and "Hunger Games" star "stepped in and played bodyguard," and was "super nice about it, but made it clear that people needed to back up."

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Other stars have made far less dramatic appearances at "Bullet for Adolf", such as Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore, Marlo Thomas, Ashley Olsen, Joan Rivers and Will Ferrell. But Gosling isn't the only Canadian influence in "Bullet for Adolf." The show had its world premiere last year in Toronto, and the current cast features two of the Canadian leads from that original production: Brandon Coffey, who plays the Woody-esque character of Zach, and David Coomber, who plays Zach's uptight best friend Clint.

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The Gosling incident is creating more buzz around "Bullet," which already made headlines because of a unique (and slightly not-safe-for-work) advertising stunt, which you can see in the video below.

We're a little scared to see what roles Harrelson will take on for his next theatrical venture.

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