Lindsay Lohan Was ‘Nightmare’ on ‘Glee’ Set After Arriving Three Hours Late

Kathleen Perricone
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Lindsay Lohan keeps saying she'll silence her critics with her professionalism onset, but her actions just make them grow louder. On Wednesday, the actress was not only three hours late to the set of "Glee" to shoot a cameo, but when she did show up wasn't exactly ready for her close-up. According to E! Online, Lohan — who partied the night before — was so "incredibly late" for her call time that production actually had to send a car to the Chateau Marmont to pick her up. Once on set, "Lindsay was a total nightmare," a "Glee" source told the site. "She just didn't want to be there. She did not want to work. She had not memorized her lines, and she kept disappearing so no one could find her."

Wednesday's behavior was actually a far cry from how she acted just days earlier when she shot another lengthy scene for an episode that is set to air May 15. According to E! Online's source, the 25-year-old was "really great. She was so professional and it looked like everything was going to go so well." A perfect explanation for Lohan's difficulty on Wednesday could be perhaps because she was partying the night before at AV Nightclub, where she was paid to attend an event thrown by Star, a tabloid magazine that never writes anything positive about her. Lohan was apparently such an annoyance to the "Glee" cast, they even gave her the nickname "That Girl," adds E! Online. "She has rubbed them all up the wrong way by being so disrespectful of everyone else's schedule."

Miguel Aguilar/Sam Sharma/

But as always, Lohan has an excuse. Her spokesman Steve Honig blames her three-hour tardiness on a "misunderstanding" about her call time. "The production team came to us and said that they wanted to start [with Lindsay] right after lunch, which was at 2. They wanted to begin with Lindsay at 3, so that meant she had a lot of time where she wasn't doing anything. That's why people didn't see her. She was then in hair and makeup and began after lunch at 3. If there was a problem yesterday, I would have just said 'no comment,' however I can't ignore this because this is utter B.S. This is a classic example of people trying to bash Lindsay. She busted her ass yesterday and is back on set again today."

Anyone else taking bets that she will never actually wrap Lifetime's "Liz & Dick"?

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