Elisabeth Moss slams ex-husband Fred Armisen: He’s not a ‘normal person’

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Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen surprised everyone when they secretly got married in October 2009. It was an even bigger shock when just nine months later, she filed for divorce — but now the "Mad Men" actress is breaking her silence on why she pulled the plug on the short-lived union. In an interview with Page Six Magazine, the 29-year-old paints a dark picture when it comes to her relationship with the "Saturday Night Live" funnyman. "One of the greatest things I heard someone say about him is, 'He's so great doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person,'" Moss tells the mag. "To me, that sums it up." And forget the two remaining friendly exes. When asked if she still talks to Armisen, 45 — who rebounded weeks after their split with "SNL" castmate Abby Elliott — she quickly retorts, "Oh, God, no!"

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And she's certainly not dwelling on past. Moss says she's very much enjoying the single life. Moss has come a long way over the past few years, much like her character on "Mad Men," Peggy Olson, a headstrong, feminist copywriter in a male-dominant business. "I started the show way more confident, way more wizened, way more aware of the world around me than Peggy was, but over the years she's caught up quite a bit," says the actress. "We've managed to come closer and closer together over the years." And much like Moss' new life post-marriage, the two are also looking ahead to bigger and better things. "I am ecstatic with what happens this season," she says. "I think the audience is going to be surprised. For me, it was very meaningful with what happens to Peggy." "It's fun to go out at night and not know what's going to happen. I'm addicted and obsessed with my freedom in that sense. I'm having fun!" But she still has hopes for finding true, lasting love and starting a family — just not now. "I obviously want a partner in life, and I want someone to grow old with, but there's also a nice time when you're young to enjoy being you," Moss tells Page Six. "I have a tremendous amount of respect for my mother, and it makes me want to be a really great mother. And sure, in an ideal world I can do it all. But I think for now I'm too young to know. You almost have to get older to understand that you're too young to know." As for her ideal guy when the time comes, he sounds a lot like Armisen should have been: "Sense of humor," reveals Moss. "This is so cheesy to say, but to me, a guy that can make you laugh is everything. When you're old and gray, you're going to want someone who can make you laugh. That said, a pretty face in the morning is lovely!"

Catch "Mad Men" when it returns to AMC for its fifth season on March 25.

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