Sarah Silverman fools the world with a burrito bump

Omg Now

Sarah Silverman: edgy comedian, satirist, all-around goofball … and soon-to-be-mother? That's what plenty of media outlets were reporting on Thursday after the 41-year-old posted a photo of herself on her WhoSay page flaunting what appeared to be a pregnant stomach with the note, "It's a burrito!"

Sure, Silverman really did look like she had a big old baby bump in the pic, but things just didn't add up. Firstly, the whole cradling-her-belly-while-putting-on-an-angelic smile routine might be fine for Jessica Simpson, but it doesn't seem to fit the woman who made headlines a few years back with a video called "I'm F---ing Matt Damon." And taking a look back at her Twitter feed this week, Silverman wrote on Wednesday: "Good rule of thumb: only have kids if it's your DREAM to have kids." So does that mean Silverman has been secretly dreaming of becoming parent all these years? Maybe, but three years ago she told Toronto's NOW magazine she would be interested in adopting a kid in the future, which doesn't involve actually getting pregnant yourself, last time I checked.

So is she really preggers? Nope. In typical Silverman style, the comedian was just pulling one over on the rest of us. Turns out, according to the comic's team at WhoSay, she was just showing off a very full stomach after lunch. Which means it really was a burrito!

That part of the mystery is solved, but I'm still wondering who the guy in the photo with her is. Note to self: If she posts a wedding photo tomorrow, don't believe it.