‘Bachelor Canada’: The 10 most cringe-worthy moments from Episode 2

The second episode of "The Bachelor Canada" aired Wednesday night, and it managed to trump the premiere in terms of drama. Now down to 16 ladies, Bachelor Brad Smith is under pressure: who will he get one-on-one time with, and how will he make his final decision?

To sum up the evening, here are the 10 most cringe-inducing moments from "The Bachelor Canada" Episode 2.

1. A revelation is made: nobody's there "to make friends"
Surprise! Reminding viewers that "The Bachelor Canada" is indeed a competition series, the girls remained up front about their intentions -- that is, winning Brad Smith's heart -- before the real drama began. And while nobody should be surprised that friendships aren't blossoming, they should be surprised that "I didn't come here to make friends" is still a phrase that's being used seriously.

2. Eight girls burlesque dance for Brad in New Orleans
For the gang's 8-on-1 date (which included Bianka, Chantelle, Melissa Marie, Laura F., Michelle V., Tia and Michelle B.), Brad and the ladies made their way to New Orleans, where a lesson in burlesque dancing quickly ensued. The good news? Mr. Smith was very polite. After awkwardly watching each girl perform, he thanked them sincerely (several times) and gave them hugs. The bad news? Well, no one should ever have to watch someone trying to seduce anyone through dance.

3. Brad reminds Chantelle that she's "so cute"
Fans may remember that 25-year-old Chantelle is sweet, bubbly, and "so cute." So cute, in fact, that Brad reminded her several times of how cute she was before bounding off to give her a rose. Evidently, it's her values (and cuteness) that endear him to her, so here's hoping next week Brad remembers that when Chantelle opens up about how her faith impacts her sex life.

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4. The racetrack gets awkward
Whitney, Sophie, Kara, and Gabrielle ventured to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for their 4-on-1 date with Brad, and immediately things got tense. While Kara assured the others that she would "fight to the end," Gabrielle claimed that Whitney was "evil." Now, just imagine how this dynamic evolved after the ladies found out they were literally racing cars for a chance to score some one-on-one time with Mr. Smith.

5. Whitney goes after what she wants
Fortunately, you do not have to imagine anything. After Whitney beat Sophie by a tenth of a second, the women mourned publicly as Whitney -- who "never loses," as she reminded everyone -- jumped into Brad's arms and scored some precious alone time with him. According to Whitney, it was "meant to be." According to viewers, Gabrielle's look of disgust was great television.

6. Brad channels Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman"
For the official "one-on-one" date, Laura B. was chosen by Mr. "Bachelor Canada" for a night of dinner, dancing, and a live private show by Jill Barber. Brad and Laura hit it off, but not before he presented her with a Roberto Cavallai dress and a Tacori necklace, evoking memories of Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman." It's a good thing Brad wants kids, because he's got "dad humour" down pat.

7. "What's Tofino?"
But just when you thought the dating was over, Brad woke up Ana early the next day for a trip to Tofino where they finally -- finally -- got to hang out and talk. There, Ana's earlier questions of "What's Tofino?" (it's a place, Ana) was forgotten by viewers, as she opened up to Brad about running away from home as a teen following her mother's death. Points to Ana for shedding not one single tear -- unlike a few bachelorettes in we could mention.

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8. Melissa Marie has a meltdown
After complaining to Brad in New Orleans about her lack of face time, Melissa Marie finally confronted the Bachelor ("Too scared to talk to me, Brad?") about whether he could handle dating someone with a daughter, and if she should even be there at all. She shouldn't have -- after Brad admitted that "she just . . . throws everything at you," he sent her home at the rose ceremony.

9. Laura B. has a bigger meltdown
But the drama continued. Despite the success of their one-on-one date -- where Brad presented her with a rose -- Laura B. couldn't handle seeing he and Whitney make out. So she cried in the bathroom until Brad showed up and convinced her to stay.

10. Gabrielle prematurely flaunts her rose over Whitney
Life was sweet for Gabrielle during the rose ceremony when she scored a flower and stood next to Whitney, who had yet to receive one. However, that victory -- and expression of triumph -- was short-lived, once Whitney earned a rose of her own. However, Gabrielle's expression of horror can't go without mention, nor can the producers' decision to stand her and Whitney side by side.

Honourable mention: Michelle V. rounds out the meltdown trifecta
After being sent home at the rose ceremony, Michelle V. used her last bit of camera time to mourn her love life. Revealing her fears about never finding love, the show ended on an uncomfortable note -- mostly because she truly believed that Brad Smith was her last shot at a boyfriend/husband/life partner. Michelle V., if you're reading this -- he's not (we promise).

Roses went to Kara, Tia, Sophie, Britany, Michelle B., Gabrielle, Whitney, Ana, Nicole, and Bianka.

That means Melissa Marie, Michelle V., Laura F., and Stephanie were sent home.

"The Bachelor Canada" airs Wednesday nights at 9 30 p.m. ET on Citytv.

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