‘Bachelor Canada’ Episode 5: You CAN go home again

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It's crunch time! Now that he's down to four girls (Gabrielle, Kara, Whitney, and Bianka), Bachelor Brad Smith is getting closer to handing out that final rose and breaking the heart of another lady. That's why this week, he took a chance -- four chances, actually -- when he visited each of the contestants' hometowns and met their parents and extended families. This just got real.

So, let's not waste time. Here's this week's "Bachelor Canada" recap -- or, as we like to call it, the OTHER rose ceremony.

- We're down to the wire. Viewers know it, the women know it, and Brad knows it. Which is why he reminds the camera about the important things: he's falling for all four women, but he's worried Bianka doesn't feel the same way. Gabrielle is "gorgeous," but he's also never felt the way he has around Kara. Whitney? Well, she's intense (duh), and also "the hottest girl Brad's ever seen in his life." Flashbacks of everything we've ever seen. - 2 roses

- But there's no time to dwell! Brad must mosey to Mississauga, Ont., where he's to become the second guy Bianka has ever brought home. However, first they must snack. And after arriving at ye olde ice cream parlour, Bianka makes Brad guess her favourite flavour. Easy: it's mint chocolate chip, which is Brad's favourite, too! They laugh, they bond, they enjoy a dairy treat. Congratulations for your excellent taste, sir and lady. + 2 roses

- Filled with ice cream and self satisfaction, Brad and Bianka then enjoy a picnic in the park, where Bianka admits she's not cool being one of four, and Brad can make it easier for her if he "gets rid of all three girls." Logic. Always welcome. + 1 rose

- And now for family time. Arriving at Bianka's parents' so sweaty he could "slide out of his leather seat," Brad is presented with his lady's Croatian parents, brother, and aunt, who speak little to no English. Brad stands in the hallway, scared and dumbfounded, only to find out that it's all a joke, and they DO speak English after all. Oh, we do have fun. After an outdoor feast, Bianka's dad gives his seal of approval, but only after showing Brad an antique sword. + 1 rose, + 3 swords

- But moving on. Arriving at Granville Island in Vancouver to meet Kara, Brad finds himself in an "I could totally see myself with her" situation. Realizing how alike they are and what great chemistry they have, Brad's Granville Market joy is topped again when Kara's uncle arrives in a boat and takes them on a tour of English Bay. They snack on strawberries and champagne, while viewers at home enjoy microwaved popcorn. Groovy. + 1 rose, + 1 bottle of champagne

- Now for the big guns: Brad asks Kara if she would ever... relocate. Brad's based in Montreal, so Kara would need to move there. She admits that while she's super close with her family, that doesn't mean she needs to share a city with them. - 3 roses

- They then arrive at the homestead. Kara's dad is working in Saskatchewan, but Brad can still meet her mom, sister, sister's husband, uncle, and aunt. But wait, what's this? Kara's dad has shown up! And after reassuring Kara that he didn't quit his job just to attend this event, the family bonds and Brad admits that he feels he fits in. Important. (Or is it? Dun, dun, dun...) + 1 rose

- And so Brad's travels continue. Now in Oakville, Ont., Brad gets psyched for his visit with Gabrielle and her family -- but not before she introduces him to some close friends. Mr. Smith looks nervous, but that expression changes to bewilderment when "Gabs" takes him to a retirement community where she volunteers twice a week. Now it's his turn to impress her: she wants to see how he interacts with a different kind of people, and luckily Brad succeeds. Despite being rendered speechless, Brad's still able to bust out some fake swears after losing at bingo -- "Cinnamon and gravy!" indeed. + 2 roses

- Family time. Despite not necessarily gelling with Gabrielle's (awesome) cousin -- who tells Brad he'd make "a great stripper" -- Brad tells the camera that the visit in no way feels contrived or forced. That is, until, he's forced to belly dance, a decision he "immediately regrets," despite his natural penchant for it. However, colour him confused: like after visits with Bianka and Kara, Brad admits he can also see himself with Gabrielle ("Gabs"). Clearly this decision will be easy -- not. - 1 rose

- But now it's Whitney time. Jetting off to Calgary, Alta., Brad meets his last lady, who "looks amazing" despite him admittedly not having actually seen at what she's wearing. However, something's amiss: while he's excited to be there, Brad's becoming increasingly frustrated at her refusal to open up. He confronts her -- following a bobsled adventure -- to no avail. She later admits to the camera that she knows what she wants to say, but can't get it out. We-thinks a storm's a-brewing (finally). + 4 roses

- Though first, sunny skies: Whitney's mom immediately begins singing the praises of Brad, announcing that they're a "beautiful couple" and that she can "imagine the babies." Between Whitney's mom and the camera, the two already feel like a couple, and it doesn't hurt that Brad comes from a "good family." Whitney is so enthused about this visit, she says approximately three words, leading even Brad to deduce that the situation feels weird. + 2 roses

- However, not as weird as when Brad realizes that Whitney is not even close to being like her expressive family. After her dad takes Brad outside to talk, he asks Brad over dinner to look him straight in the eye and announce whether he thinks Whitney is someone he could see himself with. Brad answers truthfully ("I could've told you that from day one"), while when Whitney is asked the same thing, she deflects the question by saying something about chemistry. Brad's not impressed (but we are). + 3 roses

- Brad can't be with someone who's emotionally closed off, he announces. He and Whitney need to have a serious conversation because he now has no idea who she is, and he thinks maybe she's pulling the wool over his eyes. Just in time for the rose ceremony! - 1 rose

- Which is why pulling someone aside during the rose ceremony is the perfect way to address any serious problems you may have. Before giving anybody any roses, he steals Whitney away, calls her out on being closed off, and tells her it bothers him. She responds by saying that her feelings are there "100 per cent," and the situation is miraculously resolved -- for the time being, anyway. Whitney gets a rose, as do Kara and Bianka. - 5 roses

- So, it's goodbye to Gabs. And after being walked out by Brad himself, she offers one very succinct parting line: "Mr. Smith, choose wisely." - 1 rose, - 4 bingo cards

Best bachelorette of the week: Gabrielle. While all the other families ruled, Gabs' ruled even more. (Somebody give Gabrielle's cousin his own show, please.)

Worst bachelorette of the week: Whitney. Yes, again. Because why are you on a show like "The Bachelor Canada" if you don't even really seem to like the guy?

Brad's smooth line of the week: "You look amazing! ...I haven't actually even looked yet."