‘Bachelor Canada’ recap: After the final rose

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The end is finally here. Seven weeks after Bachelor Brad Smith met 25 women in hopes that one of them would become his future wife, he chose 28-year-old Bianka Kamber, to whom he is now betrothed.

But the story couldn't end there. No, viewers need one more episode learn what's in store for Brad and Bianka, as well as how Whitney is doing after making her exit last week. So hold on to your hats, because for the very last time, we're about to embark on the last rose ceremony -- despite this event being title "After the Final Rose."

- Tyler Harcott wastes no time in welcoming Brad onstage, who announces that now the finale is over, he feels "liberated" because he doesn't have to walk around with so many secrets. Did he really think he'd find love on series? "No, because it's crazy," he responds. He explains that you go into the house with the hope that the one is there, and luckily for Brad, she was. All of this is surreal, he says. + 5 heartfelt cheers from the audience

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- But enough of this joy! Remember how confused Whitney made Brad despite him now being engaged to Bianka? Well, Tyler Harcott sure does, which is why he begins to drill Whitney about "The Bachelor Canada" when she enters the stage. + 2 looks of skepticism from the audience

- Well, believe it or not, Whitney's had a tough time. People have been kind to her in person, she says, but the chatter on the Internet has been a lot meaner. Evidently, Whitney's physical appearance has been the subject of anonymous online comments, which rightfully draws audience sympathy. Just in time for... (+1 nod of sympathy from the audience)

- Whitney to announce that in week four, she was already starting to have doubts about Brad. (Gasp!) Despite their fun lobster fishing in P.E.I. and any other miscellaneous great times, it was the rock climbing in B.C. where she realized they were in two different places.  Might that be because Brad kept announcing he was going to throw up? No one can really know for sure. + 1 writer's assumption that it was probably because Brad kept saying he was going to throw up

- But more questions need answering. Why was Whitney so unwilling to communicate? Why did she give Brad the run-around and pretend she was in the same mindset as he? Why did they go lobster fishing, and did the lobster fishing mean nothing? How do you think the lobsters felt? Well, it turns out it all happened because Whitney can't make decisions. Ever. Despite making the big decision to come on "The Bachelor Canada" in the first place (which she doesn't regret, by the way), she usually can't even decide what to eat. + 2 looks of "yikes" from the audience

- However, it's time to put on your sympathy hats. As the Whitney/Brad montage plays, Whitney begins to cry -- just in time for Brad to come out and begin asking her why she never said anything about her doubts. And so the back and forth begins: Whitney assures Brad that she never acted out for the sake of TV, while Brad says that if she shouldn't have said she was considering a future with him if she was unsure. Silence from Whitney. Pity, from everyone watching. + 3 feelings of "this is hard to watch" from the audience

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- Whitney goes on to say that their intense connection wasn't being felt the way it had been before. Brad says he looks back and says he now fees like an idiot. Whitney says he had a choice to keep her on the show  -- and that's when Brad calls her "kiddo." + 6 looks of "oh no you did not" from the audience

- Brad backtracks. He didn't mean to demean Whitney; he just wants to know why she never told him the truth. He says he doesn't remember the fight he and Whitney had in P.E.I., and Whitney is forced to admit that she's not great at communicating as she cries. Suddenly, an episode of "Dr. Phil" is in our midst. And as Whitney wipes the tears from her eyes, she says that it breaks her heart to think that Brad thought she was acting, and that he has no idea what she's been through since. She "never thought it would be like this," and in some capacity, she's been "betrayed." + 4 tissues/hugs the audience wants to give Whitney

- Well, it's all under control, Whitney, because Brad's has your back. He says he knows she's got a good heart. They can be friends, he promises, and that when he's stuck up for her in the past, he means it. It's official: according to Brad, Whitney deserves to be happy, too. + 4 moments of "okay . . . " from this writer

- So goodbye to Whitney! After she leaves the stage, it's rapid-fire question time with Brad Smith, who reveals that: the rose order at ceremonies doesn't reflect his preference of women, that Bianka is the best kisser, that you get used to kissing in front of the cameras, that he looks for good teeth and eyes in a woman, that his Queen's jersey is his most prized possession, that he wears deep V-neck T-shirts to show off his tattoo, that he bites his nails, that he hates picky eaters, that Ana was his funniest date, that Bianka smells the best, and that he wants as many kids as Bianka will have. Whew. + 3 moments of laughter from the audience

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- Now bring out Bianka, says Tyler Harcott! And so they do. As Bianka runs into Brad's arms, the two embrace as though they have been separated for many moons. Maybe this is why they're both crying when Brad says he's won the lottery with her, and that he's never wanted something more. Evidently, that five month period between his proposal and last week's episode was a doozy -- which is why they almost eloped during that time. + 1 shocked gasp from the audience

- So why did Bianka seem so cold at the beginning? Well, she figures that if she were Brad, she'd have an idea of who she wanted to get to know, so that's why she didn't go out of her way, and figured Brad would come to her if he was interested. Well, it worked! And after their one-on-one date in Mexico, Bianka realized she had a crush on Mr. Smith, which set this love story in motion even more. + 3 hands over hearts from the audience

- Now, the two are best friends. Brad says he follows Bianka around like a puppy, and Bianka claims she was never jealous of the other girls on "The Bachelor Canada" since she's the one engaged to him now. They're in love, and they're not afraid to show it. That's why there's no better time than to...

- Play a montage of the other contestants set to Dean Brody's "Canadian Girls." + 17 flashbacks; countless imaginary roses falling from the sky

And this is where we say goodbye. With Brad and Bianka hoping to tie the knot "as soon as possible," show fans will undoubtedly be kept up to date on the happenings of the first official "Bachelor Canada" couple. In the meantime, however, our rose/audience reaction ceremony has come to an end. Just know that this final rose is for you, dear reader.