Back in the saddle: ‘Big Bang Theory’ star still loves to ride horses, even after a bad accident

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Kaley Cuoco, who graces the cover of the January issue of Self magazine, reveals her healthy habits along with one that left her badly injured.

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The 27-year-old "Big Bang Theory" star tells the magazine that one of her favorite workouts is horseback riding, which she learned at the age of 15. She has been on horses almost every day since, but in 2010, she had a scary experience.

She recalls, "Two years ago, I fell off my horse and crushed my leg. Before surgery, I had to sign a contract saying it was OK if they had to amputate!"

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The active actress continues, "When I awoke with my leg, I was so happy. I was back on the horse while the cast was still on. I have four horses, and they are my everything. I was determined not to lose that." The star adds, "I am a little more careful now!"

In addition to riding, the fabulously fit Cuoco also spins. The high-energy indoor cycling classes have "changed my body. My legs are severely toned, and you get an ab workout."

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She says she sometimes even adds two-pound weights when she spins, because "it gets at the back part of my arm that I hate."

The January issue of Self hits newsstands on December 25.