Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber dish on their ‘Bachelor Canada’ love

Anne T. Donahue
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On Wednesday night, Brad Smith's "Bachelor Canada" journey came to a close, and after eliminating 24 eligible contestants over the last two months, he proposed to 28-year-old Bianka Kamber, a nurse from Mississauga, Ont. And although they've only been together a few months, the couple is already anxious to tie the knot.

"At first we were in no rush, and that lasted about four days," Smith explains during a phone interview following the "Bachelor Canada" finale. "Then we almost eloped on the vacation we had secretly, and now we have a good idea for what we want for our life's goal. We want to get married quickly. We know everything we need to know about each other, and we can't wait to solidify that."

How much Smith and Kamber really know is arguably up for debate, considering all viewers saw were their on-camera conversations, which all seemed to revolve solely around the show itself. However, the lovebirds insist that there was a lot that viewers didn't see.

"I talked to Brad about everything," Kamber says. "And [topics like religion and politics] came up."

Adds Smith: "We're not naïve to this process. I'm not naïve in general, and in Barbados, we had a conversation for about five hours strictly about where we want to live [and] how many kids we want to have. Every conversation that could be had was had."

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Fast engagements also run in their respective families. When Smith visited the Kamber family in Episode 5, audiences learned that Bianka's parents got married shortly after they met.

"Seeing my parents go through [a fast engagement] shows me it's possible," Kamber shares. "I know a lot of people think it's too quick, but my parents and also actually Brad's parents, and Brad's sister have all had a quick marriage and engagement."

"We're just very impulsive people when we know what we want," Smith chimes in.

However, what fans want, arguably, is to see more of the real Brad — the version of Smith who hilariously live-Tweets each episode, posting comments like "cheeseburger" during particularly schmaltzy scenes. Where did that guy go? Smith admits that a lot of his real-life personality was distilled for the show, with most of his better moments coming through in the blooper reel aired during the "Women Tell All" special.

"That's the whole thing," he agrees. "I'm not mad about how ["The Bachelor Canada"] did it whatsoever, but if you take that blooper reel, that was during our fantasy suite night. We crushed champagne and then asked if they could go get us Wendy's. Like, that's the people we are."

He adds: "Sense of humour is a sexy quality, but a show where they're trying to fit so much into such a small time frame, they were trying to develop everyone's substance as opposed to the one trait of me being a goofer. But I will tell you this: if I didn't have my sense of humour, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in right now."

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Cynics may argue that if the show is so heavily edited, what Brad and Bianka claim to have could be just as fabricated. At what point does their relationship go from being part of a series' narrative to something legitimate?

"I think that Brad and I were able to walk away from ["The Bachelor Canada"] and realize that the opportunity we got, we were lucky to have," Kamber says. "And we were very realistic [in knowing] it wouldn't have happened in normal life. We never would have met. And what we experienced on those amazing dates was absolutely real."

Smith agrees.

"The normality that we produced was because 'The Bachelor Canada' let me do a show much different than everyone has ever seen," he says. "They let me pick the dates, and pick the girls, and go from 12 to four within two weeks. You talk about how much time we got to spend together: going from 25 women to four, we spent the same time going from four to one, so I really got to spend a lot of time with those girls."

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The newly-engaged couple will now have even more time to spend with each other, since they've vowed to spend the next couple of months focusing solely on their relationship. This will be especially easy, since Smith moved into the Kamber family home this week while they shop around for a house.

"This is still so new -- being out in public -- that our focus over the next little bit is our relationship," Smith says. "And luckily, 'The Bachelor' has put us in a great position to start that off. We could say we're going to be here and doing this, but over the next month or two, we're going to just try and overdose each other with love."

You can learn how those doses are going on Nov. 28, when Brad and Bianka sit down with Tyler Harcott for the series' finale, "After The Final Rose" on Citytv at 9:30 p.m. EST.