First photos of the ‘Arrested Development’ set!

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Ever since FOX cancelled "Arrested Development" in 2006, fans have rallied for the beloved-but-low-rated sitcom to return. Well, yesterday, fans got their wish.

After Jason Bateman tweeted photos from set, more Bluth family photos surfaced revealing what seems to be an airport reunion for when the highly-anticipated show returns for a fourth season, expected to be released on Netflix in 2013.

And so it begins! After what felt like eons of rumours (although it was only about six years or so), it was confirmed in October that the Bluths would return for Season 4. Creator Mitch Hurwitz is once again at the helm, and after a fourth season airs on Netflix, viewers will reportedly be treated to a full-length film. (Cue: "Steve Holt!" shouts of victory.)

But can the magic of seasons one through three be captured once more? In a word, yes. Considering the series creator is at the helm, that the original cast have all signed on, and that executive producer Ron Howard is narrating, creative hijacking seems out of the question unless Hurwitz went mad with power over the last five years. (And come on, Hurwitz is no Dan Harmon, at least as far as "mad with power" goes.) The only hands in the proverbial cookie jar are the ones that belong there.

Unlike the series' three-season run, this time "Arrested Development" will likely get the attention it deserves -- thanks to the Internet.

Sure, 2006 may have seen the rise of Facebook, but the Internet still lacked Twitter, Tumblr, and their relative social media counterparts. Television now relies just as much on Internet buzz as it does on cable networks (perhaps even more), and Internet culture has helped drive demand. Bateman's tweet was shared more than 4,800 times, while photos of the first scenes have been plastered worldwide. Thanks to Twitter and other instant information platforms, what may have previously been a drop in the bucket is now a full-on splash.

Lightening can strike twice. And considering this installment of "Arrested Development" took off when the timing was right, the only thing that's changed since the show's untimely cancellation is the build-up of six years' worth of material. Come on!