Golden Globe nominees get a trip to… Cape Breton?!

omg! TV

FINALLY, Canada has arrived in Hollywood! Or, at least, that's what anyone can gather from an all-expenses-paid trip to Cape Breton being offered in this year's Golden Globes gift lounge. Nominees can reportedly head to the Maritimes for a three-day, VIP getaway if they choose Canada over Bora Bora.

"I think it's a lot more than an all-expenses-paid trip," Mary Tulle, CEO of Destination Cape Breton, told CTV. "I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Cape Breton Island."

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Arguably, it's also a wonderful opportunity for whoever selects it. Winners aren't just going to be holed up in a quaint bed and breakfast -- no, on top of the alleged "luxurious" accommodations provided, guests can also golf, kayak, tour the Fortress of Louisbourg, or head to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.

Not only is Cape Breton getting some love from the Golden Globes, but this is also the first year a North American destination has been selected as part of the awards' gifting experience. Canada's on a roll! Sure, Canadians may take their location, their actors, and (especially) their TV for granted, but if any Golden Globe nominee sang the praises of a Canadian holiday, there would certainly be a surge of Canadian pride among our country's citizens.

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Unfortunately, Canada isn't as well represented among this year's Golden Globe nominees as it is at the gift lounge -- but that may change in time. After all, respected actors such as Michael J. Fox, Christopher Plummer, and "Mad Men's" Jessica Pare all hail from north of the border, so our country isn't exactly lacking talent. Thankfully, Hollywood has recognized Canada as a viable place to shoot big blockbusters, as a major film festival destination (see: the Toronto International Film festival, among several others), and now, as a VIP getaway spot. If Canadian talent starts to play up its strengths, who knows just how well the Great White North will perform at the Golden Globes in years to come.