Jillian MacLaughlin wins ‘Big Brother Canada’ after voting snafu

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We have a winner! After weeks of competition and ever-increasing drama, a "Big Brother Canada" champion has been crowned: Nova Scotia-based teacher Jillian MacLaughlin came out victorious after winning four votes from the seven-person jury to beat out co-finalist Gary Levy.

But so what? That's how winners are decided, right? Through votes and a jury of peers? Yes, but what makes Jill's win so surprising is that it was Gary's best friend Topaz Brady who threw a vote in Jill's direction. (Et tu, Topaz?)

Naturally, Topaz was filled with desperate remorse. And despite pleading with judges to let her re-vote after she found out her vote was the difference between Gary's victory or lack thereof, she was denied (obviously, since that's how voting works, Topaz), and Jill was victorious. Now Jill will have $100,000, a Chevy Trax, and a $25,000 gift card to The Brick. Gary, in turn, will receive $20,000, and a lifetime's worth of resentment because what were you thinking, Topaz?

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However, Levy seemed to be in good spirits during his post-game interviews.

"I'm definitely a little disappointed, I came into this game to win," Levy said. "But stuff happens and I feel like I'm a winner no matter what."

Meanwhile, winner Jill was equally jazzed, if not more so.

"[I'm] really excited, overwhelmed," she gushed. "I know the production has been very strict on rules this season, I know that it's set myself and [fellow houseguest/flame] Emmett [Bios] back in the game a fair bit, just by them being: nope, rules are rules.' So rules are okay."

She went on: "Gary deserved this just as much as me. He played a great game but at the end of the day, the rules are rules and I ended up winning."

That she did. But she did she really deserve it? Considering just how close the competition was at the end (leave it to one vote to decide overall), did Topaz's lapse in judgement imply that the majority of the players really felt Gary deserved to win? And while rules are most certainly rules, could Topaz's mistake really been just that? True, host Arisa maintained how clear she'd been in explaining voting rules, but could nerves have gotten the best of Gary's best friend?

Or more controversially: was the confusion staged to instigate a reaction? Let us know who you think should've won in the comments below.

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