Kristen Wiig headed to ‘Arrested Development’

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"Arrested Development" is about to get a little more star-studded: in addition to news of Seth Rogan showing up, Kristen Wiig has also found herself intertwined with the Bluth family.

Or more specifically, she'll be the head of the Bluth family.

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According to Vulture, Kristen Wiig will play a younger version of Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), in what we can only assume will be some sort of flashback (unless "Arrested" goes the whole time travel route -- which we're totally fine with, by the way). The upcoming fourth season will see each character have their own episode, so whether Wiig will be part of Lucille's arc, George's (Jeffrey Tambor) episode, or as part of Gob's (Will Arnett), Lindsay's (Porta de Rossi), or Michael's (Jason Bateman) childhood memory still remains to be seen.

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Though it'd be quite a treat to see Jason Bateman and Wiig appear onscreen together again. The two starred in the 2009 cult film "Extract," in which they played a husband and wife in a less-than-ideal situation. You can check them out in the clip below, which we warn contains both spoilers and "adult" language.

Actually, we should probably hope that Michael and young Lucille have no interactions like the one above whatsoever. But what we can hope for is more original programming from Netflix, which, thanks to "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development," seems to be becoming the premiere vessel for new television.

David Fincher and Kevin Spacey's "House of Cards" allowed for a cinema-like dramatic take on American politics (without the need for commercial breaks), while "Arrested Development" will showcase Netflix's comedic abilities. If the latter proves successful, this might be a new age: one in which TV censors are dodged, networks prove obsolete, and audiences are encouraged to watch at will as opposed to at set dates/times.

Or it will simply just allow for another means of watching television. What do you think?