Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

Anne T. Donahue
omg! TV

Whether it's Meatloaf's live tribute to Romney or Joss Whedon's support for Obama, the 2012 presidential election has seen its fair share of celebrity endorsements. Now, in the last few days of the election, one of the oldest living billionaires has suddenly stepped up to pledge his own Republican allegiance: Springfield's own Charles Montgomery Burns.

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Sitting next to his binders full of women, the mega-wealthy "Simpsons" character explains that, despite the various controversies surrounding Mitt Romney, he's still a worthy candidate. And there's no better way to prove that than by enlisting the help of Seamus, the former Romney family dog, who (by means of food bribery) shows who he'd rather see in the White House as of January 2013.

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Alas, election night is only days away, so Mr. Burns' endorsement may not have the effect he and Smithers desire. However, it would be interesting to see how he reacts to the election's eventual winner -- or, at the very least, how Burns manages to have access to so many golden retrievers.

...On second thought, maybe we don't want to know.