Paul Scheer and Max Greenfield play Arsenio Hall and Vanilla Ice (VIDEO)

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Have you guys been watching "The ArScheero Paul Show"? No? Well, in the words of 1990's "Pretty Woman": big mistake. Huge.

The web series features comedian Paul Scheer impersonating the erstwhile '90s talk show host, and getting his celebrity friends to help him reenact old interviews from "The Arsenio Hall Show." The result is often very bizarre but incredibly funny.

In the latest episode, "New Girl" star Max Greenfield portrays Vanilla Ice to reenact his 1991 interview with Hall. In the words of us trying to sound like Vanilla Ice, check it:

And, for comparison's sake, here's the original 1991 interview between Hall and Vanilla Ice:

So now what, other comedians? When do we get other pop culturally-relevant interviews that have been burned forever on our psyches? When will somebody reenact Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise? When will anyone (anyone) dress up like Lindsay Lohan and re-visit any (any) of her late night talk show ventures?

Meanwhile, remember that the real Arsenio Hall will be returning to television on Sept 9. After 19 years pretty much off the grid, the former talk show host will be former no more when he gets another shot at the talk show circuit. Though yet untitled, Hall used his "Celebrity Apprentice" press tour to drum up interest for his program, telling Time that the series will see "kind of the same Arsenio you know -- less hair, less shoulder pad, but inserting myself into this culture of music, comedy, pop, and hop."

Please, for the love of all that is good, bring back Vanilla Ice!

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