See a 17-year-old Sofia Vergara’s first acting gig in a Pepsi commercial (VIDEO)

Carly Maga
omg! TV

Up until now, we've been able to calm our jealousy over Sofia Vergara's sexy Colombian bombshell vibe by convincing ourselves she's some kind of robot built by the producers of "Modern Family." But alas, proof that the Emmy nominee is a real human being has surfaced, and guess what? She was hot back in 1990, too.

This retro Pepsi commercial, which was Vergara's first acting or modeling gig, was played all over Latin America. The ad features the then 17-year-old actress using various pieces of clothing and objects to make a path over the hot sand to reach the coveted Pepsi stand, eventually dressing down to a skimpy lavender bikini.

Though she's not exactly stretching her acting skills in this 30-second spot, it was the catalyst for a long career in modeling and television for Vergara that almost didn't happen. Raised in a conservative and religious family, she was scouted out by a photographer one day at the beach, and didn't agree to enter the business until she got the okay from her teachers at Catholic school.

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Since then, Vergara has modeled for the runway and in catalogs, and acted in "Entourage" and the Latin American version of "Desperate Housewives." But with the role of Gloria on "Modern Family," the 40-year-old actress has achieved worldwide fame and lots of awards with the rest of the cast. (Like, lots of awards.) Between the success of the ABC sitcom and the revenues from a Latin media company she co-founded in 1996, Vergara is now also the highest-paid actress on TV. She's also been nominated for Emmys every year that "Modern Family" is on the air -- we'll find out Sept. 23 if this is finally her time to take home a statuette.

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Also contributing to her paycheck are endorsement deals with K-Mart, Comcast, and -- you guessed it -- Pepsi. Well, to be specific, Diet Pepsi. We guess the newly-engaged Vergara just doesn't have the metabolism she once had at 17.