The Situation tweets his digits. Chaos ensues

Michael Krumboltz
omg! TV

The Situation (real name: Michael Paul Sorrentino) of "Jersey Shore" fame accidentally tweeted out his phone number to his 1,400,000 followers.

It appears Sorrentino was trying to send his number to a special lady. He was even careful to ask the woman to not share the number with others. "Yeah babe call me maybe: XXX-XXX-XXXX don't give out, Sitch."

To his credit, Sorrentino is taking the problem with good humor. Shortly after the accidental tweet (which he then deleted), he posted a series of updates. "My phone is ringing off the hook," he wrote. Then: "We def have a Situation." He then relayed his experience with the phone company, trying to get his number changed: "Phone company called : he's like u got a situation buddy, I'm like thanks man but I'm the Situation ! For real, Sitch."

Near as we can tell, he isn't picking up the phone, but he has checked at least some of the messages people have left. "Wow some very interesting Messages," he tweeted. And then: "Wow think I jus found my new wifey!" Read into that what you will.

Of course, Sorrentino isn't the first celebrity to accidentally tweet out sensitive information. Last year, Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his phone number to all six million of his followers (he was trying to send a private message to Justin Bieber, of all people.)

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong tweeted out a personal phone number (probably not his own, though) several months ago. And earlier this year, Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was the address of the man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin. It was, however, the wrong address.

And, of course, there's the case of Rep. Anthony Weiner. No recap necessary for that one.