Watch ‘Sex and the City’s’ countless segues (VIDEO)

Before being tarnished by its movies (there's no defence for the second film -- none), "Sex and the City" was hailed as a groundbreaking franchise thanks to its frank, sex-positive attitude. However, once the shock value of sex scenes and nudity wears off, you'll discover that the series is actually just one big segue, an accusation proven by Slackstory's latest mash-up.

If you've got a high tolerance for puns and the types of jokes your parents would make, you may make it past "he made sizzling scallops, and after dinner, things got even hotter." "May" being the operative word here.

So, there you have it. Over a decade after the series premiere, everyone who once claimed it was their favourite TV show can feel a pang of embarrassment every time they remember lines like, "Samantha was meeting with Mr. Wright -- Mr. Richard Wright, that is." But don't feel bad -- this writer once made the theme song her ring tone.

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